About Marino Consulting

Marino Consulting is a Washington, DC based firm that represents domestic and international clients from a variety of industries.  The firm provides business consulting services and executes customized strategic plans that navigate the private and public sectors and position the client to achieve its business objectives. The firm offers a unique perspective, creative solutions, fresh ideas, and innovative thinking to our servicing. We believe results matter and operate with a desire to win for our clients.


The firm’s leadership has served in executive roles and brings a collection of business capabilities and high level relationships.  They have represented a diverse client portfolio that has spanned over various continents and business sectors to include private, as well as publicly traded companies, emerging startups to established multibillion dollar corporations.  This includes technology, cyber, digital security, defense, and energy companies.  The principals’ also have extensive experience representing institutions, including universities, online education companies, NGOs, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.


The firm’s capabilities range from developing marketing and business development strategies to providing advice and executive support to corporate leaders.  This includes creating promotional platforms and outreach channels, skillfully communicating the client’s message, developing strategic relationships, providing industry intelligence, and delivering objective insights. The firm has also worked extensively in the international arena on behalf of foreign companies, including facilitating market entry into the US; building their brand and enhancing their image; and developing business opportunities and partnerships.


Marino Consulting brings a sense of pride to our servicing and is committed to excellence and the highest ethical standard. We strive to over-deliver and outperform for our clients. Our approach is focused upon effectively achieving our clients’ objectives while protecting their interests. We are your representative, partner, resource, strategist and trusted advisor in the US.