Welcome to Marino consulting

Marino Consulting is a Washington, DC based firm that represents domestic and international clients from a variety of industries.  The firm provides business consulting services and executes strategic plans that navigate the private and public sectors and position the client to achieve its business objectives. The firm brings unique perspective, creative ideas, and innovative thinking to our servicing. We believe results matter and operate with a desire to win for our clients.



    With a deep understanding of the US marketplace, we identify targeted audiences for marketing and brand development and provide strategic channels of communications to influence them.

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    Our approach begins with fully understanding the client’s issues and goals. We then develop and execute a customized strategy, which utilizes the best market research, analysis, and forecasts to produce a successful outcome.

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    Utilizing the private and public sectors for our clients, we identify new business targets and unique opportunities. We open doors, provide access to decision makers, and build strategic relationships and partnerships.

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